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Responsive Web Design Summit 2013


Great summit and was happy I was able to attend April 17th airing which included:

  • Mobile Development on a Shoestring Connection - Jen Hanen
  • The New Responsive Web Design Workflow - Trent Walton
  • Reports from the Trenches - Dan Mall
  • Content Strategy for the Future - Sara Wachter-Boettcher
  • Universal Typography - Tim Brown
  • RWD & Client Management - Matt Griffin

Overall I think Environments for Human did a great job hosting the event. I am really looking forward to attending next year to see how much responsive design design.

If I could recommend a session ti would be Dan Malls only because he hit the nail on the head with responsive design. We all used to design for pc monitors but now we design for multi-touch devices that range in all shapes and sizes. I mean did you realize that there are over 100 different sizes in screens?! I even find myself designing even while i’m still writing the functionality and i never used to do that! 

OTools Food Review

So far not a great start it is a busy night but weve been waiting 6 mins and have not been serviced however surrounding couples have been serviced drinks while we waitied. Guess our server forgot about us and after 6 mins we were serviced. Now we wait and final rating to follow shortly

App review was good. Mozz sticks were hot and fresh. A Rating

Dinner chicken parm sandwhich and fries which were served promptly and hot. Food A

overall service B+ review. Good rebound on waitress.

So it’s official as of 7:15am today I have disabled my account on Instagram due to recent changes in their ToS. True they have admitted that it “wasn’t their intention" to sell user photos for ads but why risk it. It’s one of many sad realities with Social Media. The public has taken flight with social media as an easy way to share little Timmy’s kindergarten photos without the fuss of contacting the many family members and friends.

However for example, while on Facebook little Timmy’s photo is archived for a long length of time and who knows what could happen then. Little Timmy could be the unspoken model of Gerber big boy food and you’d never know till you saw him on a box one day. Then what do you do? With Facebook’s ToS there’s really nothing you could do….

Even tumbler disables the fact once you post an image and someone reblogs it you won’t be rid of those reblogged images. That is unless that user deletes that reblog which that usually never happens.

As December ends and I plan to relocate from Facebook to Google+ (for a more effective ToS) I would like to hope that others follow and check what you post. You never know where your photos will end up and how others people will get the credit and earnings for your free uncredited work.

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